Unlock Your Team's Potential.

We Help Mid-Sized Tech Companies Align Talent with Company Goals.

Unlock Your Team's Potential

Our Mission

At Loomenti, we believe that every employee should thrive in their role. Our solution helps mid-sized tech companies align employee talents with company goals, reduce turnover, and enhance organizational agility.

At Loomenti, we believe every employee should thrive in their role. We ensure optimal talent alignment and company growth, helping you navigate the future of HR intelligence.

Personality Assessment
Understand Your Team
Goal Generation
Strategic Goal-Setting
Growth Mapping
Career Score
Data-Driven Insights


At Loomenti, we help mid-sized tech companies thrive by aligning employee talents with company goals. Gain clarity and confidence to navigate organizational complexities with our data-driven insights and personalized recommendations.

  • 01 Understand Your Team

    We get to know your employees' personalities, professional backgrounds, and values to provide data-backed recommendations that align with your company’s goals.

  • We help identify strategic goals and break them down into achievable milestones for your employees.

  • We provide deep analytics and insights into your organization’s health, helping you make informed decisions about role assignments and development paths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering Loomenti? Here are some common questions that we get asked:

  • Our platform helps mid-sized tech companies optimize workforce performance by aligning employee talents with company goals. We leverage advanced data analytics to provide actionable insights and personalized recommendations.

  • Most companies begin to notice improvements in employee alignment and satisfaction within weeks of implementing Loomenti. Our platform provides insights and steps that can lead to significant organizational benefits in a short time period.

  • We are currently offering an exclusive pilot program for mid-sized tech companies. This program provides early access to our platform at a reduced cost and the opportunity to help us build something you love. To learn more and join our pilot program, please contact our Founder directly on LinkedIn.

Customer Stories

Our personalized technology has already changed the careers of professionals across industries. But don’t take our word for it—hear directly from our customers!


"Loomenti's platform has significantly increased my exposure, leading to three exciting job interviews, including an interview for a leadership position at a company I've pursued for years. I wholeheartedly endorse this service to anyone seeking to elevate their professional presence."

Matt Scherer
Director of Operations, Oncology

"Loomenti's personalized approach unlocked insights into my personality and accelerated my career journey, opening doors to opportunities I hadn't even considered. Their help led directly into a multiple job offer situation where I was able to choose a new role that excited me, while also increasing my salary by 25%. Loomenti was a big help in figuring out my career - I can't recommend it enough."

Emilia Czyszczon
Strategy Consulting

"Loomenti has been a pivotal tool in my job search, offering a simple yet powerful platform that stands out from the rest. It's cost-effective and provides targeted, actionable guidance, enhancing my professional presence significantly. Thanks to Loomenti, I'm engaging more effectively with potential employers, leading to increased interview opportunities in a competitive market."

Jonathan Griffith
Senior System Administrator